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in late. >> first of all, i think part of this was about the next four years of president obama. it's not just about -- >> how does he need hillary? because he didn't put women in top positions? >> hillary is a major figure in the democratic party, was a major figure before he ever came on the scene. her husband, bill clinton, is still a major figure in the party even though that galls barack obama, and it wouldn't do to have this other royal family in the democratic tent out there undermining obama's candidacy or -- excuse me, obama's presidency in any way. this was a goodwill gesture on the way out of the door. >> to keep her on base. >> could tep her close, absolutely. keep your enemies close and your friends closer. >> let me ask you back the question i put to joy and she asked and answered. will joe biden bow out if it's clear hillary is running? >> i think so. and i think so because hillary has a much deeper, broader base in the party. i know joe biden well, i have covered him for a long time. he's nothing if not a political realist. if he assesses the situation a couple years
the president. acting like he would make everything better. >> climate change. >> what do you think the next four years will be like? >> i think it's going to get better. john: what will president obama do about immigration? >> and discernible. john: marijuana. >> i expect the federal government to come in. john: that is our show tonight. >> and now john stossel. ♪ john: to was that guy? anyway, this monday our nation's capital looked like a marquee when a new king is ground. thousands of plot, a cheer. many act like subjects worshiping nobility. economic troubles, why all the pomp? watching, i wondered, should our capital be called imperial washington? maybe ago to far. senator john barrasso attended the inauguration joining us from washington. my imperial washington seems to be a minority opinion. in my being unfair? >> i have been to every inauguration since i was in my dad took me to john kennedy's inauguration this inauguration, i tell you, i am less concerned about what happens one day than i am concerned about what this president plans to do for the next four years as an imperial pr
kind interview for president obama and why next week is an important week for immigrants. >> and dramatic video from in a plane after it was hit by lightning. >> and the new changes coming to credit cards >>> we have an update on breaking news in foster city. that's where three people died in a crash along eastbound highway 92. sergio just spoke to the highway patrol. sergio, what did the investigators have to say? >> well, right now, ama, they are still putting together some of the details as to exactly how this happened. the county coroner is also here on scene. there were five people inside that car. as you mentioned three people inside tonight. unfortunately they are dead. this is a crash that happened just before 10:00 p.m. this evening. it is a single vehicle crash and it happened on the eastbound lane of highway 92 just before the san mateo bridge. there were reports that this was a crash that may have involved a hit and run situation. but the california highway patrol tells me it is a single vehicle accident. a spokesperson describes how it happened as they unders
of its kind interview for president obama and why next week is an important week for immigrants. >> and dramatic video from in a plane after it was hit by lightning. >> and the new changes coming to credit cards so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (woman) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information to
obama. the president launched the next four years with a vision of his heart as crystal clear as the bracing inaugural air. the obama message to history, this is our moment. and we will seize it. so will the republicans stonewall? or compromise? will they fight or switch? i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. and with us today, next us a chuck todd. "the washington post's" kathleen parker. nbc's kelly o'donnell and the
of innovation. i hope you are. i hope california is. [laughter] [applause] >> for this next question, let's pretend that president obama is sitting in this chair. but pretend this is a private room -- let's pretend this is a private room. we need everyone out there to be quiet. if you were here along with the president, what are the two things you would tell him you need to make your state more competitive or all states more competitive? >> i think and i am an unabashed supporter of the president. i do not think all his policies are perfect but he has done a remarkable job of coming into an almost impossible situation in dealing with it as best you can. i can -- would look at the programs that have already embarked on the investment of making sure the government supports research at the deepest trouble and is providing not just grants but tax credits. the focus on making sure that we're building a culture of innovation. colorado is the last three years when there were no jobs anywhere, more 25-34 year-old came to call rudder than any other state in the country. -- colorado more than any o
obama planned to make immigration an issue in his next term. this week, we will look at the money budgeted for embassy security and what cuts have been made. here is a news update from cspan radio. >> president obama meets with police chiefs from three communities that have experienced mass shootings. it is part of the push to address gun violence. representatives from the major cities chief association and the major county sheriff's association will participate in the morning meeting as well as vice president joe biden, attorney general eric holder, and department of homeland security head of janet napolitano. clashes between police and demonstrators continued in egypt today despite an emergency declaration from the new president. riot police fired tear gas in central cairo where more than 50 people have been killed the unrest which was sparked on saturday by a court conviction and death sentence for 21 defendants involved in a mass soccer riots. as french and malian forces are on the move, a manuscript -- and islamic script has been lost. ground forces backed by french helicopt
great tv show for you right here next week on fox business. in the meantime i hope to hear you on the radio. lou: good evening, everybody. a federal appellate court ruling that president obama violated the constitution more than a year ago when he made three recess appointments to the national labor relations board. this week began with the administration's all-out assault on the second amendment and our right to own guns and concludes with this federal court ruling that the administration acted against the constitution and in so doing the court, through the nlrb rulings of the past 16 months into question. this week the republican party put forward a plan on the debt ceiling in debt and appears to have won the support of both the president and senate majority leader. the republican change in direction and tone was not matched by a change in the republican party's lead. the rnc reelected the chairman after losing both the white house and ten seats in congress to democrats in that 2012 election. his job as head of the national party even as lenient -- louisiana's popular governo
's biggest failures. another week in which president obama has dispatched vice-president biden to campaign against the second amendment. the president's inaugural this week. next week he launches his campaign for comprehensive immigration reform. next week senator kerry to be confirmed as the next secretary of state as early as tuesday. the president's nominee to replace the outgoing defense secretary, leon panetta, this week maintaining a low profile. secretary panetta competing for media and public attention when he made a surprise announcement as he lifted the ban on female troops in combat. retired army general and done what the, the first female four-star general and the army joins us your life. we begin tonight with a unanimous court ruling seen as a major setback for the president and his agenda and his efforts to stack the national labor relations board with union-friendly officials. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. >> as he wrote that the white house chief of staff dennis mcdonald, president obama was hoping for a smooth start his second term. ins
. president obama sitting with the not talking state, about his vice president, but president remains an integral part of the is expectedon and have an active role over the next four years working with congress. >> what is the likelihood that -- that biden and hillary run? both >> it seems they are both getting ready to run. neither one of them is talking about it right now. something that in the press wildly speculating about. the reporting we have done they are both thinking about it. preparing. biden,ng that intrigues but but we are unlikely to see them run against each other. >> know that we will continue to talk about this for the next .our years >> absolutely. >> let's talk about this week. the debate on immigration is heat to how so? a bipartisan group is working on this in the senate. looking like they will have news to announce in the next eight or so. 0-- next day or so. the hardest issue will be the pathway to citizenship. if people come in as illegal they stay? can a mechanism that allows them to become citizens? president obama also expected to travel to las vegas
with the financial times, thanks so much for talking to us. >> ifill: next, to israel. president obama called prime minister benjamin netanyahu today to congratulate him on his victory in last week's parliamentary elections. the two leaders spoke about ensuring security in the region at a time of growing tensions. with their elections behind them, both men plan to address the civil war in syria, the threat posed by iran's nuclear program, and the stalemate between israelis and palestinians. and those are the subjects of three stories this week from margaret warner who is on a reporting trip to israel, the west bank and gaza. she begins tonight reporting on israeli concerns about the conflict in nearby syria. >> warner: the sweeping vistas of the golan heights plateau and the bucolic life of the israelis who live here bear quiet witness to the strategic importance of this area which israel captured from syria during the 1967 arab-israeli war. but after four decades of quiet along this border, israel, just like syria's arab neighbors, is increasingly worried about the unpredictable spillover from the
to us. >> ifill: next, to israel. president obama called prime minister benjamin netanyahu today to congratulate him on his victory in last week's parliamentary elections. the two leaders spoke about ensuring security in the region at a time of growing tensions. with their elections behind them, both men plan to address the civil war in syria, the threat posed by iran's nuclear program, and the stalemate between israelis and palestinians. and those are the subjects of three stories this week from margaret warner who is on a reporting trip to israel, the west bank and gaza. she begins tonight reporting on israeli concerns about the conflict in nearby syria. >> warner: the sweeping vistas of the golan heights plateau and the bucolic life of the israelis who live here bear quiet witness to the strategic importance of this area which israel captured from syria during the 1967 arab-israeli war. but after four decades of quiet along this border, israel, just like syria's arab neighbors, is increasingly worried about the unpredictable spillover from the civil war there. this cease-fire
everything from border security to citizenship. president obama has already voiced support for immigration reform. >>> coming up next, think of it as a very public exit interview. secretary of state hillary clinton reflects on her time on the job with president obama by her side. >> i saw some of that. it was pretty interesting interview. we'll also keep an eye on the potential for an icy morning commute. remember, you can get the latest list of closings and delays at the bottom of your screen and you can also check it out on time now is 5:08. we'll be right back.  [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. >>> welcome back. we have more than just weather to talk about
obama anoint hillary clinton as the next presidential nominee? does she have what it takes to fixes economy? the debate ahead following the love fest between the president and secretary clinton on "60 minutes last night. cheryl: a rare bipartisan moment in washington as president obama pushes immigration reform. republicans are in rare agreement with this administration. dennis: top of the hour, stocks every 15 minutes. nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange. stocks can't make up their mind. >> right? don't forget, not far off from the all time high. what's interesting is the fear index with an up arrow today, slowly gaining and there's volatility. we crossed the unchanged line, sometimes 50-60 times is not unusual to see that, but the trend, no doubt, to the upside. 11 of the last 12 trading days have up arrows. we'll see where we end today. caterpillar leading the way, dow jones up, a winner,s and transimportants doing -- transports doing well. turns out, they have to close one-third of the stores over the next decade. obviously, looking at the stores that are not as l
but obama taking on his own party. that is next. >>> justin owned city aquariums in brooklyn, new york. his unique designs and personal attention to clients' fish gained him a celebrity clientele and calls any time day or night if they need help. so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month actually... eddie continues singing: two tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> the commitments we make to each other through medicare and medicaid and social security do not sap our nation. they strengthen us. they do not make us a nation of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >> it's hard to believe but the inauguration was just a week ago. in that speech, the president staunchly defended medicaid medicare and so
america has between them and lock step. hence the whine about fnc. obama is like a quarterback complaining about the one cheerleader who won't put out. how presidential of him. what is next? is he going to crank call o'reilly's house? amazing a man that sees himself in grand terms can be so small. he is a diva. no wonder he and beyonce get along so well. play tape from the interview. real tape. let's go. >> i just want to have a chance to publicly say thank you. because i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of state we have had. i consider her a strong friend. >> very warm, close, i think there is a sense of understanding that, you know, sometimes it doesn't even take words. >> what is the date of expiration on this endorsement? >> oh, steve. >> you know, steve, i got to tell you, you guys in the press is incoriagble. i was inaugurated days ago. you are talking about four years from now. >> oh, steve! >> greg: bob, you even have to admit it was softer than a hackey sack inside the stomach of a bunny. >> bob: i have no idea what that means. [ laughter ] you know, i tel
to approve the measure. they send it to the president next week. billouse passed the .arlier this month president obama said he will sign the bill. >> civil rights groups and other todayzations plan to call president obama and congress. to act onthem immigration reform this year. it comes as president obama to nevada tomorrow to discuss his plans on immigration reform. today, groups and senators are expected to announce the plan a pathway toeate 11 million for the immigrants already in the united states. it is 5:18 right now. onm caskey joining us here set. laptop here.e i am looking at things closely. we have observations -- i am seeing a little bit of everything. the washington area. -- us break it down for the live superh a doppler seven radar. tome, dark blue, pink , -- usually the white indicates no. pink is mixed precipitation. -- indicates snow. pink is mixed precipitation. fredericksburg reporting light snow. at reagan national. martinsburg and hagerstown reporting freezing rain. some sleet or ice pellets from .inchester to leesburg mostly rain south of washington at this time.
discussed the nation's economy. he accused obama of not understanding the seriousness of the economic standing coming up next. deadly riots in egypt promt government officals to introduce emergency measures. there are new developments in the case of beauty queen jon benet ramsey more than 13 years after her mysterious death. there are new developments in the case of beauty queen jon benet ramsey more than 13 years after her mysterious death. and, new trouble for casey anthony. we'll tell you why she's back in court. hi, i'm phil mickelson. i've been fortunate to win on golf's biggest stages. but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections tuberculosis lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions
with not optimistic about the next four years with president obama at the helm. granted most of the listeners tend to lean conservative, but a term that i heard more than just once was that america was going to the dogs. i take strong exception to that. you see, tuesday, january 15th, my black labrador retriever jeb died as janet and i held him in our arms and he would have been 15 years old in april and i wanted to talk about it last week about it on the show and frankly didn't think i could without completely losing it. and we've had three wonderful dogs and jet was my inseparable companion, and my hunting and fishing companion and sat next to me during the books i've written and i don't think the country is going to the dogs, that would be a good thing, jet was good and kind to everyone, especially children, but if there were a hundred people in the room and they were holding out a steak and i was standing there empty handed he would still come to me first. he didn't believe any of the nasty things people wrote about me in newspapers, blogs, or letters to the editor. and he never thought my spe
, and they're going to work those out internally over the next two years, and i think obama is right, that until they get to a place where a republican can have a constructive relationship with obama and not pay a political price for it, then no republicans are going to have constructive relationships with them because, you know, politicians are just -- are very self-serving and self-interested folks. that's how they got to where they are, and there has to be somebody who has to break the curse. there has to be a politician, a republican, who steps forward, works with obama on something, maybe it will be guns, maybe it will be immigration, we'll find out who works with him, who infuriates the base, infuriates rush limbaugh and glenn beck if he's still around out there, and survives and actually advances. as soon as that happens, then it shows an alternative path to power for republicans, and that will enable obama to then start having relationships again. >> he is still out there. i heard him this morning. professor peterson, let me play for you an exchange when david gregory and sen
to working with my colleagues and hopefully with president obama over the next few months to finally take action to get our fiscal house in order. leadership means the buck stops with him. it's time to stop shifting the burden of bad choices today on the backs of our children and grandchildren. it's what americans deserve and with presidential leadership, it can be accomplished. i yield the floor. mr. mcconnell: mr. president? the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: mr. president, there are many complex issues facing pong at the moment -- facing congress at the moment,al many of which have vexed us literally for years, but one issue that demands our immediate attention is the national debt, because if we don't do something now to rein in our nation's out-of-control debt, we may never be able to put america back on a sustainable fiscal and economic path. and if that happens, then much of the other issues we face will be largely irrelevant. so we need to give this issue everything we've got and we need to start right now. we need to devote the same kind of energy to thi
. >> president obama has called immigration reform the top legislative priority of his second term >> chicago police say a flat tire led to a deadly hit and run overnight. next, the latest on the investigation. also ahead, an awful tragedy has brazil in mourning. more than 200 revelers have been killed in an incident at a nightclub. and protesters confront police at a south side hospital hoping to deliver a message to the city. break a febreze experiment. to prove febreze can keep this car fresh, we loaded it with fast food, sweaty hockey gear and a smelly dog cage. and parked it at a mall. in texas. for two days. then put a febreze car vent clip on the dash and let in real people. it smells good. like laundry fresh out of like the dryer. yeah. a man fresh out of the shower. nailed it. oh yeah. proof. febreze car vent clips keep your car fresh. another way febreze helps you breathe happy. with a crash that killed two people who were changing a tire. it happened just before 10:00 last night. police say a 39 year-old and 34 year-old were changing a tire on the
, did president obama break the law? find out what the judge had to say, and, next, one the nation's most prominent republicans telling the party to stop being stupid. is he being fair? come back with us. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go. no go call. this is for real this time. we are on step seven point two one two. we have entered our two minute hold. cabin venting has been inhibited. copy that. sys two, verify and lock. command is locked. flight computer state has entered auto idyll. three, two, one. the falcon 9 has launched. preparing for nose cone separation. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. overmany discounts to thine customs! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts? here we go. thank you. he took my shiel
consistently, and that's what i intend to continue to do over the next four years. >> kroft: thank you very much. >> obama: all right. >> >> welcome to the cbs sports update. novak djokovic made history today, becoming the first man in the open era to win three straight australian open titles with a victory over andy murray. in the nba, led by paul pierce's triple-double, boston held off miami to win in double overtime and the celtics confirmed rajon rondo is out for the season. and indiana beat minnesota state in college basketball. for more news and information, go to everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade. totally fine. wait. it's full of what? it's
of the campaign who say, look, bill clinton right now is making sure there's not another barack obama that comes around the next four years, that they're going to make sure there is a clear path for hillary clinton. what do you make of her response? it sounds like she's -- she's not answering the question but she's not denying it either. >> no, she's not. i thought that was an adorable exchange, right? they're sitting there, saying the things that they have to say. but at the end of the day, everybody knows she's there, she's waiting, she's got her husband there, who is able to support her in a lot of ways. the president wants to finish up his term and not get upstaged. and i think it's natural they said it. but watch and see. i think all the signs suggest she's going to run. and if she runs, she'll be the candidate. and if she's the candidate she'll be pretty tough to beat. >> talking to some of her friends they say she can't help it. she's going to run. it's just something that is going to happen. we'll see how it plays out but i think she's getting ready for 2016. david, thank you again. if y
that fire. we will have more live in our next hour. >>> president obama phoned israeli prime minister netanyahu today. he congratulated the israeli leader on his party's victory last week's elections. the president repeated his commitment to the deep and enduring bonds between the u.s. and israel. >>> and we are getting new details about the condition of former israeli prime minister ariel sharon who suffered a devastating stroke seven years ago. here's cnn's sara sidner. >> reporter: one thing is clear, doctors and sharon's family are excited about what a new test has revealed. doctors and scientists from the u.s. and israel used a high-powered mri on mr. sharon. and the scan showed significant brain activity in response to external stimuli. mr. sharon has been in the hospital for seven years after suffering is a brain hemorrhage in 2006. now, for year, the public has been under the impression that the storied israeli political powerhouse was in a coma or vegetative state. i spoke with the doctor who said sharon actually has had a low level or intermediate level of consciousness thro
will betray our children and future generations. gerri: democratic lawmakers telling president obama to push forward with his green agenda through executive action. as you know, that means bypassing congress altogether. my next guest says his green energy bubble has already burst. robert bryce is a senior fellow for the manhattan institute. it's always great to have you on the show. this just drives me crazy and i'm glad you're here. congressman henry waxman and sheldon whitehouse. they are asking for the white house with these rules in place to prevent climate change. that is what they say. they want to accelerate federal investments in green energy. and they want to a -- they want to lower gas emissions by 2020. what you think? this is a crazy thing i've ever heard. >> what worries me about that letter is the idea that we can do this by executive action. but the president alone is the one with the stroke of the pen that is going to impose these kinds of policies. second, i think perhaps more importantly here, the united states is already leading the world. the international agency said the
on twitter. follow me @brettbaier. president obama is late with a legally mandated report about the stimulus. year-and-a-half late. later in the grapevine. up next, more fighting but not much talking in egypt. >> bret: a fox news alert. u.s. -yemeni operation off the coast of yemen. coast guard with the assistance of the u.s. navy there, intercepting a ship in territorial waters close to the arabian sea. boarding a vessel finding a large cache of illegal arms. including the service to air missiles, used to shoot down civilian and military aircraf aircraft. c-4 military grade explosion is. shells. i.e.d.s. it sounds like the vessel was packed with explosion evs and flew multiple flags and had eight yemeni crew members. said to be a big get for the u.s. and yemeni officials. just off the coast of yemen. just coming in as we speak. weapons shipment found off the coast of yemen. there have been multiple operations to try to stop the terrorist element in that area. multiple operation to go after terrorists inside yesmember now. a big stop in the waters there. a fifth straight day of violence in e
see you next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time is 5:15. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton appeared together in an interview talking about their unusual partnership. it was president obama's idea for this joint interview on 60 minutes. the president said he wanted to publicly thank secretary clinton for her services. secretary of state as she prepares to step down. >> i want the country to appreciate just what an extraordinary role she has played. and a lot of successes we've had internationally is because of her hard work. >> many people were surprised when president obama asked secretary clinton to be his secretary of state after their tough campaigning in the 2008 presidential primary. but during that interview both president obama and secretary clinton said they now have a very close friendship. >>> a public hearing scheduled today on the future of pete's harbor in redwood city has been postponed. they canceled it after the developer and save pete's harbor group asked for a delay. the california state lands commission is expected t
look online at inside the cave. you will learn very quickly what the plan was from the obama people from the left. if he can win -- the next time the mainstream media tells you which republicans can win, run the other way. they know exactly who can beaten. they put one or two names in their polling, they start talking about just one or two republicans on all their talk shows. they start writing comments about just one or two republicans who can win. do you really think they want a republican to win? think about that. we are taking our cues about who can win four years before we are supposed about, from people who do not not want us to win. >> on the point about listening to the other side, one of -- i think it is about engagement. one of my biggest pet peeves is people complaining about washington. there is a role for that. there is justification for that. it is not just a matter of not being on the defensive in the debate. bringing up the hard cases for the other guy. it is also about making long-term arguments about what government has done. all too often, not just our candidates
. >> i want to get to andrea in one second. you look at the pictures of barack obama, first african-american president, still, you know, if you had said ten years ago, it would still be shocking. you have hillary clinton sitting next to him. odds-on favorite to be the first female president. you look at those two figures, you look at their approval ratings, barack obama, building the '70s, hillary's approval rating up in the 60s. and then you look at where i was this weekend, "the national review" had a great weekend where they were talking about the future of conservatism. i say it was because it was so constructive. but i'll tell what you, if the economy keeps getting better over the next three years, you've got hillary linton rclin running three years from now, we republicans have such a major headwind in our face for the next three years. it's going to be tough. >> yeah, there's no question. but there's so many variables. >> go ahead. >> no, so many variables that could happen in the next 3 1/2 years. >> yeah. ed sees you making a motion, he stops. >> i was trying to get richard
see you next. live in washington kyla campbell. >>> time now 6:16. later this morning at the white house president obama and vice president joe biden will talk about gun control with police chiefs and sheriffs. this is all part of a push by the obama administration for new policies for curbing gun violence. after the connecticut school shootings. >>> president obama and sick tear of state medically clinton appearing to talk about their unusual partnership. >> i want the country to appreciate what an extraordinary row she. >> many people were surprised when president obama asked hilary clinton be secretary of state following their tough campaigning in the 2008 presidential campaign. but they now say they have a close relationship. >>> supreme court justiceson somewhere sotomayor will be in the bay area today. she is the first latino appointed to the high court. she is on tour to promote her book my beloved life. the event begins at noon at the harps theater in san francisco. it is sold out. >>> time now 6:17. the oakland a's got an early start to the baseball season with a big cheer
, but next time we will for sure. in the meantime, do you think it is a likely scenario that obama has in his mind the fond hope that he can get someone elected on the democrats' side like biting or someone like sam -- like biden or someone like him that he can exert his influence on and continue his socialism? >> i would caution you on using the word socialism. it is too broad a term. it encompasses all kinds of socialism, including the nasty totalitarian examples. i would caution you to use social democrat because that is what he is. he is in a tradition -- i am a little wary of using that. i think you either to identify him as somebody whose ideas are more european, which he sees more of a just society with more equality. he denies our side in looking our ideology and the set of ideas that we believe. but lily he tried to choose a successor? i don't know. -- but will he try to choose a successor? i don't know. obama, i think he thinks he sees himself as a reagan-like president. he said ronald reagan was historical in a way that clinton was not. he said reagan had changed the ideological tr
-ever joint interview with president obama and hillary clinton. once bitter rivals, they've been working side-by-side for four years. and their sitdown already sparking some buzz about what comes next. let's get more on that from abc's martha raddatz in washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. friday is officially hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. but after watching the "60 minutes" interview with president obama and secretary clinton, it seems clear we've not seen the last of her. from the moment they sat down to talk with cbs' news "60 minutes," president obama and secretary clinton, seem like they've been the best of friends for decades. >> i just wanted to have a chance to publicly say thank you because i think hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of states we had. i'm going to miss her. wish he was sticking around. hillary's been one of the most important advisers i've had on a whole range of issues. >> reporter: how did they heal the wounds from their intense rivalry? during that highly contentious 2008 primary fight. >> i can't
's less focus on what the obama politics of the moment or his legacy. and it's beginning to creep, at least with some people, about what story they will be able to tell for the next election of what they did. they recognize that the president has had a lot of capital. he will use it. but for them, and it's not -- we talked about, they're split but there are some people saying thousand can we influence things? -- saying how can we influence things? chris: why don't they start passing bills in the house on background checks? >> more willingness to move forward on immigration than anything that hags the word gun in it. chris: thank you. when we come back, scoops and predictions right from t ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. chris: welcome back. chuck todd, tell me something i don't know. >> sacks by chambliss retiring. -- saxby chambliss retiring. his best friend in the house, we see these old guards. this will be
next, facebook co-founder and the new publisher of the new republic. chris hughes. his big interview with president obama. join us wednesday for our interview with secretary of state hillary clinton as she finishes her final week at the state department. that's this wednesday at 1:00 eastern right here on andrea mitchell reports. hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's. the only eggs that make better taste and better nutrition... easy. eggland's best eggs. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. it's eb. >> president obama says is he committed to entitlement cuts along with new revenues, though, and in the wide ranging interview with the new republic, discussed a budget deal. he also talked about everything from skeet shooting at camp david by his guests to how he would feel about letting a son play football if he had a son. chris hughes, the new publisher of the new republic, and a pound founder of facebo
. as a complete outsider, i don't know. there's a little bit that president obama doesn't know what to do and not so much to give him new direction. >> pleasure having you on the program. >> thank you so much. >>> up next, we're "on the money." how would you feel about taking an $11 million pay cut. >> i think it's appropriate. the board had a very tough decision to make. >> my conversation with jamie dimon, about his housing market and the u.s. economy. >>> and is the world big enough for two oprahs? i'm talking with china's oprah. take a look at how the stock market ended the week. ♪ [ male announcer ] to hold a patent that has changed the modern world... would define you as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well, that would make you... the creators of the 2013 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. to the best vacation spot on earth. (all) the gulf! it d
not muster with my next guest. $50 billion. what issues do you have? >> not the issue i have but the issue that it wipes out all of the new revenue of president obama's pass tax increase. the tax deal that was just done on the fiscal cliff was supposed to solve or help with revenue but in the first year sandy wipes out the savings in in 2013 and undercovers how difficult it is to work on the debt it defines tax-and-spend. >> both agree this is money well spent negotiation? >> sure, but the issue is, do you add it to the deficit in door you go ahead and find offsets? there are a lot of things that folks have problems with. one is that the a lot of the spending did not happen until 2013 and in the future. there was an argument that okay, we will take care of the emergency needs in the next year and a half and declare those an emergency and allow that to go under the deficit but money spent after 2014, make that compete in the regular budget process with all the other money so that way you find offsets or lesser programs if we have to spend. so the question is not, do you spend the up. the qu
] i don't know whether i should be happy that she's gone or afraid wonder where she'll strike next. even though her reign of anti-terror is gone, we cobble her best moments for cringing moments. >> when i hear barack obama especially when he lectures about ethics and civility, it's nauseating. >> check this out bodyguard you're fired. and i hope his wife kicks his okoli and sends him back to the dog house. >> reporter: perhaps more than
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